All preferences below are stored locally on your device.



Adjust the appearance of UI elements across the app.

Primary color

Adjust the primary color of UI elements within the app.


Amounts per time unit

Choose which time unit amount deltas should be shown in throughout the app. Months are normalized as 30 days, years as 365 days.

Slow mode

When enabled, balances are recalculated only once per second. Recommended on low-power devices.

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Join the discussion

Join our Discord to chat with the team.

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Custom tokens

Select which non-default tokens you want to use with Drips.

Reset educational hints

Resurface all previously-dismissed hints and cards across the app.

Build on Drips

The Drips protocol is fully open-source and ready for you to build on.

Read the docs

Developer mode

When enabled, shows developer-focused extra information on address profiles, project profiles and Drip Lists.

Open Source Licenses


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Source Code Pro

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