Continuous Drip-Down Funding

The new, decentralized Drips protocol is currently in Beta, with Token Streaming functionality ready for you to try. Follow us on Twitter for updates. Back to Drips V1

Stream funds by the second

Drips enables token streams of any ERC-20 to any Ethereum address by the second.


Net rate
0.00014933 RAD
+0.00000039 RAD /sec
0.00100000 RAD
-0.00000100 RAD /sec
USD Coin
4959.94883277 USDC
+0.03757400 USDC /sec
0.00 USDC
0.00 USDC /sec


Total streamed
👩‍💻 Development Contributor
0.00007466 RAD
+0.00000019 RAD /sec
🪙 Token Vesting
0.00004978 RAD
+0.00000013 RAD /sec
💸 Engineering Contributor
<0.00000001 RAD
+ <0.00000001 RAD /sec

Split funds with projects & people you care for

Automatically forward a set percentage of funds you receive with a list of up to 200 projects & individuals. Anytime you receive funds, they do too.

Coming soon

Discover & support exciting projects

Support projects with flexible token streams – and pause, top-up or cancel at your own discretion.

Drips Funding Profile Drips Funding Profile Drips Funding Profile
Coming soon

Receive funds for your open-source projects or yourself

Drips is a decentralized toolkit for receiving ongoing support without any platform fees.

No platform fees

Drips is entirely open-source, and doesn't charge anything extra on top of network gas fees.

One balance for all your streams

Fund multiple streams using one account balance in a single transaction.

You're in control

Your data and funds are yours forever. Drips runs fully on sovereign user-controlled infrastructure.

No need to wrap tokens

Use ERC-20 tokens “as is”. No need to wrap them or trust a third party with your tokens.

Coming soon


Available on the most popular EVM networks: Ethereum, Mainnet, Polygon, Optimism.

One contract. One payment graph.

Drips uses one smart contract for streaming and splitting, enabling effortless and flexible token routing.

Build on Drips

Developers: come build your own token streaming applications.

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