Funding that flows

A decentralized toolkit for funding your critical software dependencies.

Get the funds you need for your project

On Drips, your open-source projects earn funds from direct supporters, as well as other projects that depend on yours.

Claim your GitHub project

Enter the URL of your public GitHub repository to get started.

How to receive funds on Drips

Enter your GitHub URL

Select any public GitHub repository.

Verify ownership

Create a FUNDING.json file to link your repository to Drips.

Configure Splits

Decide the distribution of funds to maintainers and dependencies.

Get funds

… from direct supporters and projects that depend on yours.

Stream funds by the second

Drips enables token streams of any ERC-20 to any Ethereum address by the second.


USD Coin

+1.037574 USDC/sec



Wrapped Bitcoin

+0.00181397 WBTC/sec


Pass it on: Support your software dependencies

Create your Drip List to fund the projects you depend on. Ensure their sustainable development, stability, security and continuous improvement.

How Drip Lists work

Make a list

Find and support any GitHub project or Ethereum address.

Set your splits

Decide on what projects receive what percentage of your budget.

Support it

Send a continuous stream of any ERC-20 token to your Drip List.

Show it off

Drip Lists are public on your profile. Be proud!

Start your Drip List

Give to a personalized list of GitHub projects or Ethereum addresses.

Create your Drip List

No platform fees

Free to use beyond covering the cost of gas.

User controlled data

Fully sovereign infrastructure for maximum data security.

No need to wrap tokens

Stream native tokens. No need to trust third-parties with funds.

One contract

Drips uses one smart contract for streaming and splitting.